Aground on Espiritu Santo Island

Rain, yes it looks like it may rain a little. But that will not keep us from our planned haul out.
Yesterday we placed the sand bags on the beach, came up with a plan on how to position the boat, and even practiced precision beaching.
Today, the real deal. As Courage deftly maneuvers us into position, I throw the rear anchor in. Mother had placed a rope on top of the sand bags so we could see them even at high tide. As we came up on them we just needed to keep the rope between the hulls. Such a simple system, yet great.
We stopped nearly exactly in position. Quickly Courage lowered the front anchor to my waiting arms. This was way too easy.
The rain was now coming down pretty hard, and the wind was picking up. As the wind blew, we slowly drifted off our landing spot.
Quickly a third anchor was readied. As I was busy setting up the camera, Courage put a life-jacket on the anchor and started swimming it out.
With three anchors holding us in place, we were able to position ourselves within 6 inches of where we wanted to be. Slowly the water withdrew and Lil Explorers was sitting in a nice bed of soft sand.

Once again we brought out the shovel and cleared out around the dagger board. While inspecting the damage, Courage noticed that some of the fiberglass behind the crash box was delaminating. We will have to haul out someplace where we can spend a day or two repairing it. Not good. We had hoped not to have to go to a yard. So much nicer here at the islands.
Tomorrow we will start heading back to the mainland to see about finding a yard that can handle a boat our size.

Author: Loyal

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